Guild Wars 2 sPvP Tactic

18 Mar

The fighting for Sanctum can be fierce and it’s incredibly tempting to keep running back to it in order to get stuck into the fight. If you know you are already losing the point, there is little value in keep returning there as it’s likely that unless you’ve secured an organised push, you’ll simply be killed again. Not only will this provide the opposing team an easy five points but will send you back to your base awaiting a respawn. If you can see that players are already fighting at Sanctum and your team is clearly losing, change direction and head to another point.

As tempting as 100 points is for killing the opposing teams guild lord, if you control Sanctum (and at least one other point) it is highly likely that you can comfortably win the map without ever needing to set foot in the enemies base. I’ve taken part in dozens upon dozens of matches in Foefire and never once have we even killed the guild lord and yet have won by hundreds of points.Effective use of control points is still the most consistent way to win cheap guild wars 2 gold.This might sound obvious and it’s certainly fun just killing the opposing team, but the easiest way to secure points and quickly is to secure capture points! It might be less exciting waiting for a capture point to come under your team’s control, rather than hitting someone in the face with a greatsword, but your team will see the benefits. Getting sucked into repetitive fights that serve no purpose is a primary reason as to why many teams lose. I’ve lost count at the amount of times we’ve managed to fight off wave after wave of enemy players who keep attacking a single group of players without ever making a tactical change. Score lines of 500 – 50 reflect that sort of behaviour.

This tactic applies to all sPvP maps but can never be said enough. Even if you decide your build is best suited to defending capture points, arguably you will be doing a disservice to your team by just staying in one place. If you really don’t want to stray too far from one particular control point, try to break the map down. Covering an area, from Quarry to Sanctum or Waterfall to Sanctum to Windmill or will be much more effective. In addition, it is always worth taking traits or skills that provide swiftness and vigor. Being able to quickly travel the map and avoid damage through constant dodging when you are on the defensive will make your teams job a whole lot easier.



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