Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons Basics Guide

17 Mar

It’s tough to take a humongous brick fortress down with nothing than an enchanted blade, a warhorn, and spirit. That’s why Guild Wars 2 embraces siege weaponry, the fun and powerful way to raze keeps, topple towers, and punish players who joyfully run through choke points. There is a lot to the siege weapon system, including proper placement, but for now let’s talk about what siege engines are and how to build them.

Siege weapons are devices used to deal massive damage to players, walls, and gates. They are expensive to build, easy to destroy, and can unleash death and destruction to unsuspecting players. To get started, you’ll want to visit the Siegemaster at your spawn point. There you can buy Blueprints for guild wars 2 gold or Badges of Honor and Karma.Once you have a blueprint, walk to where you’d like the siege weapon and use the blueprint. You’ll get a ground target selector to place and locate the siege weapon. Click where you desire to place the siege weapon and a build site will appear. Players will need to bring supply to the build site in order for the weapon to spawn.There are currently six siege weapons in the game, each with a specific role and purpose. It’s important to learn what each siege weapon specializes in before heading out into WvW, because some of them can absolutely ruin your day if you’re not looking out for them.

The Siege Golem is the most expensive weapon available and the only one that can relocate itself. You may think it’s designed to topple towers quickly, but it’s designed more to be used in situations where building a build site on top of the door isn’t possible. Of course, it’s still very powerful and capable of toppling gates very quickly.

Unlike other siege weapons, you “mount” the golem and can walk while inside of it. The only problem, of course, is that if the siege weapon is destroyed, then you will be downed. On top of that, it moves slower than the average player and cannot be healed. It can Punch (the default attack), Whirling Assault (an AoE knockback, used to push enemies away from gates), Shield Bubble (to protect it from damage, or oil attacks), and Pull which drags an enemy to the golem.The 100 supply is a substantial amount and you should only place the blueprint down at the behest of your world.



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