GW2’s gemstore makes as much money

10 Mar

The voting can be more than just for board members. And even if it were just for that, having a higher percentage of the stocks than anyone else (excluding NC) can definitely tip the scales in a board election. It’s not going to get you a handpicked member on the board, but it can get one that is favorable for your own intentions.
As for the monetization manager, the timing does make it seem a bit suspicous. Showing up for your new job, with control over how the company’s primary profit source operates, just before your previous employer buys a big chunk of the shares. It’s entirely possible that her hiring was part of the purchase arrangement. Assuming that sold shares were held by NC, and not some other shareholder, that’s a large influx of money for them. Hiring one person could be a small price to pay for that.
It’s well within reason to think that bringing in someone into a position of power within Anet could be a prerequisite to that sale. NCsoft gets their money, and Nexon gets an added bit of security that GW2’s gemstore gets plenty of monetization to make their investment worthwhile.
It’s not a dark conspiracy. It’s business. A pretty smart move at that. NC gets their shares sold off, and gets a new employee to help ensure cheap gw2 gold gemstore makes as much money as possible. Nexon gets a solid investment, with the added security that someone they trust is in charge of their investment’s biggest cash cow. There is no dark plan to destroy Anet or NC. They both just want money.

GW1 players made Anet a success. I felt that long time players should have more prestige than what’s already offered with the HoM rewards. Free skins and an exclusive title is nice, but I would have rather had my Tormented weapons able to be passed down to my current character. Would have been even better if the Tormented weapons were exclusive to GW1 players who worked hard for them. But then again, other players informed me that those weapons were given away freely towards the end of GW1.
GW2 is connected to GW1 lore wise. The HoM was to store your GW1 achievements, so that your GW2 characters could benefit for their “ancestors” 250 years ago. So even if a GW2 player doesn’t care about GW1, I still do, and my 50/50 HoM confirms this. And as I stated earlier, this is just my self-centered opinions.



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