Guild Wars 2 to Launch with 4 PvP Maps

08 Mar

When Guild Wars 2 has a huge dynamic world and tons of PvE contents, the game still tries to offer the best PvP experience. In a recent interview with mmoreviews, Lead Game Designer Eric Flannum just talked about the current status as well as post-launch plans for the game’s WvW and PvP Cheap GW2 Gold.

Newly added to WvW is a persistent mini-dungeon that can be accessed through the three keeps in the center map, according to Flannum. The mini-dungeon is for multiplayer PvP but you can do more things there, such as activate the traps and get rewards from a chest at the end of the dungeon. To ensure fairplay, WvW servers rematch every two weeks and the match-up is based on their ranking. Flannum said that “it is definitely possible under this system for two or more servers to remain matched up when the rankings are recalculated.”

Instanced PvP has been available in the first beta weekend and there will be 4 PvP maps at launch. Currently you can win the match by occupying capture points or achieving a higher score, and the developer’s future plan is “release more maps after we ship, and it is possible that those maps will contain new primary mechanics.”



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