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his is not the first mmo that has FFXIV Gil sellers

I’m on the japan realm hades, I didn’t exactly know how to register this complaint. So basically a character named Willelm Beak shouting in La Noscea is trying to advertise spamming for gold sales and its flooding the chat constantly. The site he is best is This kind of thing drives me nuts. Plus the spamming is really annoying.

ff14gilhub banner_4

This problem is growing. There is no anti spam put in place on the chat so cheap ffxiv gil sellers just spam in all capital cities! If I want to have a conversation with someone in those cities I must blacklist these sellers first. Everyone may say .. ohh just blacklist them and then report them, well this is not just every 20 minutes or 1 time an hour. Your are suggesting that on my hard earned time off, to be in game playing a game I want to play and I should work to keep these gold sellers out of my chat. This is absurd. Chat needs to be fixed! This is not the first mmo that has gold sellers, take from them and fix this problem! ~Make it easy to report and block, make it harder to spam, make certain chat level restricted. This is by far the most non evolved chat system I have ever seen. I think my 19 month old could write the code that made FFXIV Power leveling chat system.

This is really my only problem with this game but its a big problem, also, think of the ps3 players, they really have to work to blacklist these players, and if they don’t have a keyboard and then type something in that gets pushed out by gil spam this is just so absurd its unbelievable.

Please fix the chat and ability to block and report.

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Posted by on June 6, 2016 in FFXIV


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